Do different accents have an impact on the effectiveness of radio advertising?


Radio advertising is an effective way of advertising to a wide range of people. In fact there are 36M weekly radio listeners in the UK, so it’s a great space to advertise. Once you’ve decided you want to create a radio advertisement there are lots to things to think about and it can be much harder to elicit your message through sounds alone. Alongside music and sound effects, the voice you use is one of the main aspects of radio advertising. Also, different voices and accents can elicit different attitudes and emotions from consumers and conjure dramatic stereotypes, both good and bad. But, can these attitudes, emotions and stereotypes impact the effectiveness of your radio advertising? We wanted to look at the literature to try and determine whether or not accents have a great impact on the effectiveness of your radio advertising or not. As of yet, we have not done our own study on the topic so the findings will be based on some literature however, watch this space!

Read the rest on Alexander Advertising.

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