Some thoughts…


Part of my glow-up plan (because obviously it’s normal to have one of these) is to write more, but when you’re at home all day everyday inspiration is somewhat scarce. So, I decided to write down some of the thoughts I’ve had this week, some more profound than others, just you know, to get SOME words on ‘paper’ (or Google docs).


I have a big reading challenge this year to read a book a week and so far I’m a solid 5 books ahead of schedule so we’re all good. As part of this challenge though, I tried to promise myself to finish all books I start – girl got no time to waste. However, I have started but failed to finish three and possibly soon to be four books this year already. I know many bookish people would see this as the ultimate crime (wait until they find out I fold the corners of pages too…) but I really truly believe that life is too short to finish the damn book. Even if you read a book a week for your whole life, that averages around maybe 4,000 books in your whole lifetime. Think about just HOW MANY good books there are out there – and how many good books are yet to arrive on the shelves… still want to finish the book you hate? 

I also read a really good passage in a book I read recently, The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell:

“They weren’t bad books,” Phin countered potentially. “They were books you didn’t enjoy. It’s not the same thing at all. The only bad books are books that are so badly written that no one will publish them. Any book that has been published is going to be a ‘good book’ for someone.”

This really stuck with me. Really, just because you’re not enjoying the book doesn’t make it bad and someone else might enjoy it – so there’s no GUILT, just pick up another book! 


This is a bit of a personal one for me and has a bit of a background to it… For years and years and years I’ve just told myself that I’m rubbish at cooking. I’ve built up a narrative around it so strong that everybody in my life makes jokes about my food and my cooking and granted it’s got me out of some responsibility in my time but also started to make me feel a bit naff. Not everybody can be good at everything and I know I will never be a Michelin star chef (lol) but I can ACTUALLY cook. I’d told myself, and everyone else, that I couldn’t cook for so long I truly believed it. But, actually, it’s just not true. Since I temporarily moved back in with my parents I have cooked three, nice and fairly complicated, meals for six people. Everybody enjoyed them, well they finished them at least and it really made me think that maybe I should stop telling myself I can’t cook – because I quite literally can. 

This can probably actually be applied to other areas of my life too because fairly recently I actually became pretty adequate at parking my car – I’ve had my licence for just shy of 8 years and I still thought I couldn’t park? Who drives for 8 years and can’t park? Nobody. Again, never going to be able to confidently spin into a tight parallel park but I CAN PARK THE BLOODY CAR. If you feel that you can’t do something – start believing in yourself and stop telling yourself you can’t!!!!! I am definitely going to do this more often now that I’ve had this slightly ridiculous epiphany – wonder what else I can actually do!!! Feel like I’m at primary school and the teacher’s saying ‘it’s not I can’t but I CAN’… 


A light hearted one to end this week’s ramblings but wow I am obsessed… It’s like Made in Chelsea S1 (because let’s be honest it went downhill quickly) meets Location, Location, Location meets LA. Just so good. So much drama, so many house goals – just it’s brilliant. I watched the whole thing in three days after fully following the hype and if you’ve got no plans this weekend, I implore you to invest your time in it. Then come and discuss Davina with me…

Happy Friday friends x

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