Unbounce landing page builder review


We thought we’d write an in depth Unbounce landing page builder review since we’ve been using it for a while now. Overall, we find the tool extremely useful and positive. We like the ease of being able to build a landing page whenever we want and need. Here’s our 5 star (but not perfect!) review.

The Unbounce platform has three main features, you can create landing pages, popups, and sticky bars to suit your needs and requirements. The feature we have used the most is the landing page feature. This tool is ideal for PPC campaigns as you can easily and quickly create tailored landing pages for your campaigns to massively increase the landing page experience for your consumers, helping your quality score, and making your ads seen. What more could you want? There are obviously other platforms you can use to do this too but we choose Unbounce because it allows you to easily create different version, optimise the pages for mobile, and connect to platforms such as Hubspot and Mailchimp so that you can easily manage your leads – basically an ideal recipe for lead generation.

Read the rest on Alexander Advertising.

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