Bing Ads: Microsoft and Verizon’s new deal


Yesterday it was announced that Microsoft’s Bing Ads will now be the sole search advertising platform for Verizon Media properties (which includes YahooAOL, and other Verizon-owned platforms) in a huge global deal.

What does this mean for search?

Well, Microsoft estimates that this step could lead to an increase in clicks of 10-15%! At the moment, the number of clicks on ads on these platforms are considerably lower than they are on Google. It seems that this is Microsoft’s first step in competing with Google and their domination over paid search advertising. It could mean that, in the future, more marketers will consider using Bing Ads more frequently. They will benefit from a deeper audience because it means that all Yahoo search network traffic will be served by Bing Ads for example. Also, the capabilities of Microsoft AI will make it easier for marketers to manage their campaigns.

Read the rest on Alexander Advertising.

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