Benefits of Google Ads


Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords until June 2018) is an extremely effective and popular way of getting the word out there about you and your business. There are many benefits of Google Ads, in fact, we would go so far as to claim it is sometimes the most effective form of advertising. Quite a claim huh? We would always say ‘sometimes’ in this case because platforms always work differently for different businesses and companies. What might work for one business might be completely useless for another depending on a variety of elements such as target audience, cost, and reach. Google Ads, though, is great because it really does reach a HUGE number of people meaning that it is likely your target audience will be available for you to target. Think about it, how many times do you hear somebody say ‘Google it’? Every time somebody ‘Googles’ something, there are ads shown to these people with relevant results, and, we can guarantee that people don’t avoid clicking on ads (because we’ve seen them work!). Obviously, there’s always the odd person who won’t click on an ad simply because it’s an ad, but if it’s relevant, why not?

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