2019 social media trends


Back in January we wrote about digital trends for 2019 and Hootsuite, published a report on 2019 Social Media Trends. We noted that content would become more audience focused, there would be a rise in micro-influencers, and the authenticity of content would increase. The Hootsuite report suggests the most prominent 2019 social media trends are rebuilding trust, storifying social, closing the ads gap, and messaging. These trends reflect many of the content trends that we discussed, as Hootsuite have given the advice to think about using micro-influencers, think about story specific authentic content and much more. We thought we’d summarise and analyse the Hootsuite report and look at whether or not these things are in practice already or whether we’re still waiting to see some of these trends emerging later on in the year.

The facts and figures were gathered from 3,255 Hootsuite business customers, from small businesses to large corporations. From the information provided, the report has identified five main social media trends for 2019. You can download and read the full report here.

Read the rest on Alexander Advertising.

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